Perfect for your kitchen, this timer will help you keep your dishes in sync.

MultiTimer is currently postponed indefinately. This is due to an inability to set the notification to a continuous sound and vibration as it would need to be to notify you properly.
MultiTimer Screenshot

MultiTimer is an app for the Apple Watch that allows you to set multiple timers simultaniously.

After installation, MultiTimer runs entirely on the watch and is not dependent on the phone at all. If your phone is in your car, or at your house, MultiTimer will still tick away.

In designing the app, our goal was to have your interactions with MultiTimer be brief and to-the-point; the tools you use shouldn't get in the way of what you're doing.


Q. How do I access settings?
A. Press firmly on the app's main screen. Then press the "Settings" icon.

Q. Does MultiTimer support languages other than English?
A. Not exactly. But if you go to settings you can turn English off. Then the UI will switch to "🚫🇬🇧" mode. This replaces all English with emoji.

Q. Can I cancel a running timer?
A. Yes. Just tap on the timer. Then tap "Stop Timer".

Q. Can I add time to a running timer?
A. Yes. Just tap on the timer. Then tap "Add Time". Then select the amount of time to add.

Q. Can I name a timer?
A. Yes. Just give it a name when you start the timer. Or select a previously used name.

Q. Can I delete a previously used name?
A. Yes. Just go to settings (press firmly on the app's main screen) and delete the name.