by LemurWare

Designed for the Watch first.

Calculator by LemurWare is an app for the Apple Watch that calculates things for you.

When we designed the Calculator, we didn't just take a traditional calculator and force it onto the Watch. We designed a calculator for the Watch from the buttons up.

With large buttons and an intuitive layout, you can quickly solve your problem and move on with your life.


Q. Where's the plus sign?
A. Swipe to the rightmost page for basic functions including the plus sign.

MultiTimer Screenshot

Q. How do I use the tip functionality?
A. Enter the total. Swipe to the right page. Tap "Tip". Each box shows the tip percentage, the tip amount, and the total cost.

Q. Does the Calculator support both degrees and radions.
A. Yes. On the leftmost page simply tap the bright toggle button to switch.

Q. Does the Calculator support languages other than English?
A. It does not.

Q. How do I access credits?
A. Press firmly on the app's main screen. Then press the "Credits" icon.

Q. Where are the privacy policy and license?
A. On these two pages: Privacy Policy and License.